• Crispy,sweet and juicy canned yellow peaches, so delicious that you can eat them up, even the syrup!
    Post time: Jul-02-2021

    When young, almost everyone had ever eaten canned sweet yellow peaches. It is a very peculiar fruit, and most people eat it in cans. Why yellow peach is suited for canning? 1.Yellow peach is hard to storage and spoils too quickly. After picking, it can usually only be stored for four or five days...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-22-2021

    Sweet corn is a breed of corn, also known as vegetable corn. Sweet corn is one of the main vegetables in developed countries such as Europe, America, South Korea and Japan. Because of its rich nutrition, sweetness, freshness, crispness and tenderness, it is favored by consumers of all walks of li...Read more »

  • 2019 Moscow PROD EXPO
    Post time: Jun-11-2021

    Moscow PROD EXPO Every time I make chamomile tea, I think of the experience of going to Moscow to participate in the food exhibition that year, a good memory. In February 2019, spring came late and everything recovered. My favorite season finally arrived. This spring is an extraordinary spring....Read more »

  • A fascinating fruit like “first love”
    Post time: Jun-10-2021

    With the advent of summer, the annual lychee season is here again. Whenever I think of lychee, saliva will flow out of the corner of my mouth. It is not excessive to describe lychee as a “red little fairy”.Lychee, the bright red little fruit exudes bursts of attractive fragrance. Ever...Read more »

  • About Pea Story sharing
    Post time: Jun-07-2021

    <<The Princess and the Pea>> ONCE upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess; but she would have to be a real princess. He travelled all over the world to find one, but nowhere could he get what he wanted. There were princesses enough, but it was difficult to fin...Read more »

  • 2018 France Exhibition and Travel Notes
    Post time: May-28-2021

    In 2018, our company participated in the food exhibition in Paris. This is my first time in Paris. We are both excited and happy. I heard that Paris is famous as a romantic city and is loved by women. It is a place must to go for life. Once, otherwise you will have regre...Read more »

  • Post time: May-27-2021

    dines Sardines are a collective name for some herrings. The side of the body is flat and silvery white. Adult sardines are about 26 cm long. They are mainly distributed in the Northwest Pacific around Japan and the coast of the Korean Peninsula. The rich docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in sardines can...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-08-2020

    1. Training objectives Through training, improve the sterilization theory and practical operation level of trainees, solve the difficult problems encountered in the process of equipment use and equipment maintenance, promote standardized operations, and improve the scientific and safety of food t...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-08-2020

    Canned food is very fresh The main reason most people abandon canned food is because they think canned food is not fresh. This prejudice is based on consumers’ stereotypes about canned food, which makes them equate long shelf life with staleness. However, canned food is such a long-lasting ...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-06-2020

    As time gose, people have gradually recognized the quality of canned food, and the demand for consumption upgrades and younger generations has followed one after another. Take canned luncheon meat as example, customers require not only good taste but also attractive and personalinzed package. Thi...Read more »